3rd Climate and Health Symposium

When:8:00AM to 5:30PM, May 11th, 2019

Where: Auditorium, RSMAS Campus
4600 Rickenbacker CSWY Miami FL 33149

The University of Miami's 3rd annual Symposium will bring different stakeholders, including researchers, managers and policy-makers to discuss direct and indirect health effects of extreme weather, such as hurricane, heat wave, drought and flood, and their persistence over time. We invite experiential, scholarly and methodological work in the following areas:
  • Climate change and trends of extreme weather
  • Experiential work on preparation, adaptation and management of the health effects of hurricanes
  • Empirical evidence of the direct and indirect impacts of extreme weather on different health outcomes
  • Data and methodological challenges for teasing out the burden of disease and disability associated with the extreme weather
  • Engagement of different stakeholders in communicating the health effects of extreme weather
  • Novel approaches to mitigate the adverse health effects of extreme weather

The symposium is open to UM community, researchers, general public, managers and policy makers. lunch will be served. To participate in the symposium click the link below to reserve your spot:

For more information contact Sarah Rock | Email:sarah.rock@med.miami.edu
Naresh Kumar | Email: nkumar@miami.edu Click here to download the symposium information!
Sponsored by
Office of the Executive Dean for Research, Miller School of Medicine, College of Arts & Sciences, MSCH Program, Department of Public Health Sciences, Abess Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami