Climate and Health
Master of Science in Climate and Health
University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine and Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (RSMAS) launched a new Master of Science in Climate and Health (U-MSCH) graduate program in the Fall of 2021. The program trains future generations of professionals, research analysts, planners, decision-makers and leaders to address intricate relationship between human health and climate, climate change and weather patterns and weather anomalies (C2W2), and quantify this relationship at multiple scales ranging from gene-expression to an individual's susceptibility to community response to region-wide morbidity and mortality burden.

Program Highlights
  • Two year graduate degree (36 credits)
  • Core Courses
    • Weather and Climate
    • Health and Climate: Intricate Relationship
    • Toxicology, Climate and Weather
    • Climate and Health Data: Sources, Types and Integration
    • Modelling Health effects of Climate and Weather
    • Policies and Management of the Health Effects of Climate and Weather
  • Four MSCH Tracks - Students select track after first semester in the program
    • Public Health Sciences
    • Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
    • Analytical
    • Toxicological
  • Thesis
    • Opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary research with faculty members from five colleges
  • Fellowships and limited research asssistanceship available
Program Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree (with GPA 3.0 or higher)
Prerequisite courses:
  • One year College Calculus and Physics
  • One biology course
  • GRE or MCAT: 60th percentile or higher
  • TOEFL 80th percentile or higher (for foreign students only)
  • Three letters of recommendation
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Department of Public Health Sciences, Miller School of Medicine & Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami.